Best Price Germany ALC/AAC Equipment Technology product line
Best Price Germany ALC/AAC Equipment Technology product line
Best Price Germany ALC/AAC Equipment Technology product line
Best Price Germany ALC/AAC Equipment Technology product line
Best Price Germany ALC/AAC Equipment Technology product line
Best Price Germany ALC/AAC Equipment Technology product line

Item specifics

Aerated autocalved concrete machinery
Brick Raw Material:
Sand or fly ash
Place of Origin:
Shandong, China

Product review


Steel Structure
Automatic production line of ALC/AAC

Steel Structure
Automatic production line of ALC/AAC

1.Product Description:

Technological Standard

1. The technological standard of this project is superior products according to the Chinese national standards. The equipments are made according to Chinese standard and criterion.

2. This project provides the mature tilting technology in China.The products reach the block requirements of grade 04~07 of GB11968-2006.

3. Capacity of AAC making machine: from 30,000 cubic meter to 300,000 cubic meters per year.

4. Equipments: stocking raw materials, mixing, molding, forming, cutting, evaporating and curing, crane cramp, transporting etc.,

5. Material proportion in fly ash type and sand type.


Fly ash slurry making machine: Getting and mixing raw materials such as fly ash and water added into slurry.

Slurry storage tank: To store the slurry stirred and abraded by a pulper or a ball mill.

Raw material silo: To store raw materials such as lime, cement and gypsum.

Material scale: Weighing lime, gypsum, cement powder by powder material scale; weighing slurry by slurry scale.

Casting mixer: Mixing rated lime powder, cement, slurry and aluminium powder evenly.

Pouring system: The various preparedmaterial are measured according to mixing ratio, stirred and poured into the mold. The control system adopts an integrated PLC control system.

Mould box: Pouring the mixed material into mould box for the fermentation of bubble,curing,freezing until demoulding and cutting.

Ferry car: Our company adopts the most advanced stationary casting. Ferry car moves under the casting machine to accept pouring, then moves on the appropriate track into the curing room after pouring is completed.

Curing room: Block with mould box will be stayed in curing room for 1.5 to 2.5 hours(curing time is different for different material), then move out automaticly.

Hydraulic frequency converson reversal crane: It turns the mould with block in it 90 degress, puts it on frequency conversion block dragging car and does demoulding work.

Horizontal cutting machine: Reversal crane turns the mould 90 degress, demould and puts the whole block and bottom plate onto block dragging car. The block dragging car will take the whole block into cutting machine, and finish horizontal cutting, peeling the whole by two sides, and separating wasted materials.

Vertical cutting machine: Fixed to the ground, driven by planet-Gear Reducer, while doing vertical cutting, the cutting machine does eccentric and swinging cutting which increases cutting effciency, pas rate and makes it more convenient to change cutting size.

Semi-finished spreader: After cutting, semi-product transporting crane carry block to stram car for enter autoclave. 

Finished product clamp: Handing the separated block to the packing area, reduce labor intensity and scrap, improve production effciency and yield.

Aerated concrete block is a new type of building wall material mainly made of cement, lime, fly ash, tailings, river sand, gas generating auxiliary materials and so on.The product has the advantages of light weight, high strength, heat preservation, sound insulation, fire prevention and environmental protection.